The SA-Badge: Your Gateway to Faster Alerts & Lower Response Times

Our SA-Badge has been specially designed keeping each industry and institute in mind. From its color-coded emergency buttons to its sleek design, everything about the SA-Badge will further strengthen your emergency communication system. The badge can be customized to meet your specific needs and demands to offer the most beneficial features for all personnel and staff members working at the facility. Safety in Emergency is always taking note of the changing needs for emergency response systems, and we’ll be happy to walk you through our patented SimulAlert technology.


Compact Design & Practical

Most people don’t know how to react in an emergency, and the absence of a foolproof communication system can bring their confidence further down. With the SA-Badge, you can give your employees, staff members, and relevant personnel the confidence they need to be sharp-witted - especially when several lives depend on them. This system has been designed to be portable and practical, so those stuck in an emergency can be quick on their feet in alerting the relevant people on time. The color-coded emergency buttons on the device make it easier for those receiving alerts to follow protocol and take actions accordingly.

Strengthen Your Emergency Communication System

In addition to our other products such as the SA-Dashboard and SA-Bracelet, this product will increase the notification efficiency and communicate an emergency to the chosen authorities promptly. Its user-friendliness makes it easier for everyone to become familiar with the product quickly and learn its importance first-hand. There are many instances where an emergency occurs on campus, and the personnel involved are far away from the telephone or their mobile phones. In such cases, our SA-Badge will come in handy and provide sufficient support. You can request a demo now and learn its advantages before going through with your purchase.

Safety in Emergency - Your Most Trusted Partner

When it comes to on-campus/facility emergencies where several lives can be at stake at once, emergency response times can make a significant impact. For this reason, we have designed our software to streamline your communication processes and provide adequate support during intrusions, medical emergencies, and other service alerting processes. Partner with us now and ensure everyone’s safety through our color-coded SA-Badge.

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Let Us Make Your World Safer and More Predictable

Minutes can be turned into hours of unfortunate events in an emergency, which is why every second counts in such circumstances. With our automated emergency alert system, you can accelerate the process of safety and recovery. If you want to learn more about our products and services, give us a call now! You can also send us a direct message through the link below:


From color-coded badges and wristbands to fully-developed dashboards and mobile software, our communication model has taken all your needs into consideration before adopting the most effective and efficient system. You can reach Safety In Emergency for further queries about the SimulAlert system through any of the following:


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