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Responding to emergencies and ensuring everyone is in the safe zone can take a lot of time. With every passing minute, your facility can be exposed to more risks and uncertainties. Fortunately, with our SA-Dashboard, you can generate a customized alert and keep track of the situation from one desktop. The software uses IP to send an alert to relevant personnel, and the emergency team can receive data, such as who has responded, who is in the safe zone, and who needs immediate assistance within a few minutes. Make every second count with our integrated, highly advanced communication system now.


We Understand Your Unique Needs

With each organization and institute’s specific needs, creating an effective communication system for every emergency can be complicated, time-consuming, and costly. With our SA-Dashboard, you can implement safety protocols with customized messages, guidelines, and response data to streamline the communication system according to your unique needs and wants. The generated data can help your organization make adequate changes to prepare the on-campus/on-facility personnel for any kind of emergency. Additionally, the software is easy-to-use and customize. You can request a demo and try our state-of-the-art technology to witness its advantages yourself.

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Safety in Emergency was formed for your convenience, safety, and security. All of our products have been designed to help you during all sorts of emergencies and aid your attempt to reach 100% of the target audience within a few minutes. Our motto is to decrease action time and increase security monitoring systems across all businesses, organizations, facilities and institutes in the United States.

Our SA-Dashboard will become your ultimate emergencycommunication system and provide tailored solutions according to the complexity and intensity of the situation at hand. You can get in touch with our team via phone or email to learn more about our patented technology and expert support system. Contact us now through any of the following:


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Minutes can be turned into hours of unfortunate events in an emergency, which is why every second counts in such circumstances. With our automated emergency alert system, you can accelerate the process of safety and recovery. If you want to learn more about our products and services, give us a call now! You can also send us a direct message through the link below:


From color-coded badges and wristbands to fully-developed dashboards and mobile software, our communication model has taken all your needs into consideration before adopting the most effective and efficient system. You can reach Safety In Emergency for further queries about the SimulAlert system through any of the following:


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