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The mission of Safety In Emergency is to address the critical gaps that exist in communications during emergencies. Our patented system branded "SimulAlert" offers coordinated communications in an emergency. Onsite personnel is empowered to communicate the alert to all at once. Our SA-Badge raises the alert within seconds. The SA-Hubs guide first responders, staff, and students while the SA-Dashboard provides clear visibility, monitoring, and control. Time is critical in a crisis and we aim to protect people while giving them peace of mind. Every second counts!

Every Second Counts!

Just like most of us, you wonder if it will happen in your institution – and if it did, is there anything you could do to make a difference?. SimulAlert focuses on coordinated communication in emergencies.


About Us

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Safety In Emergency was founded with the goal of saving lives by coordinating communications during emergencies.


Emergency procedures that are heavily dependent on a single point of control, a reduced number of authority figures, or limited access to communication channels leave a gap in the ability to protect or warn others of impending dangers.

Coordinating communication in a simple, but clear way during emergencies will result in saving lives. We address the gaps that exist in handling communications in emergencies.


Our Solution

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Current safety systems have many gaps; confusion, lack of visibility or clarity, reliance on public address system, dependence on administrator or single point, loss of time, and the painful agony of waiting for “all clear.”

The Safety In Emergency SimulAlert is a revolutionary coordinated communication system in emergency. The simple pressing of a button provides immediate broadcast to everyone while the unique wireless SA-Hub provides visual guidance to first responders.

This comprehensive SimulAlert system has been developed in collaboration with teachers, administrators, and medical staff – because you are the ones whose insight matters most.










Our state-of-the-art and USA patented coordinated communications system will radically reshape the way communications are handled during emergencies. This is not just a mode of communication, it's a breakthrough! The SimulAlert system comprises

SA-Badges, SA-Hubs, SA-Dashboard, SA-Dashboard, SA-MobileDashboard, and SA-Bracelet. 

There is no navigation through phone pages or menus to communicate an emergency. The simple pressing of a button provides immediate broadcast, while the unique SA-Hub provides visual guidance to first responders with the effect of saving lives.

Every Second Counts!



  • More than a badge!

  • Crafted with different institutions in mind – offering choices.

  • Initiates alerts

  • User friendly

  • Gives the confidence needed in an emergency.



We serve customers in several different industries, providing them with valuable assistance for managing emergencies.


Malls and Retail Stores



Embassies and Consulates

Oil Refineries




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