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Safety in Emergency’s patented technology and state-of-the-art emergency communication system are available to anyone running a facility, institute, business, or other organization. We will be your proud partners in ensuring you have the best emergency response protocols ready in cases of intrusion, fire outbreaks, or IT/IoT alerting. We offer our alert and security solutions to the following:

Embassies and Consulates

All government agencies, including embassies and consulates, can avail our offerings to ensure their organizations are tightly secured with a flawless emergency communication system to support them during emergencies.

Educational Institutes

Therehas been a significant increase in school shooting incidents across the US. In 2021, the total number of school shootings came to a total of 170- the highest number since 1970. Suffice to say, educational institutes require strict security protocols and efficient alerting systems. Give us a call now for further information.

Religious Institutions

In addition to ensuring the safety of workers and personnel, religious institutions also require high-security protocols to ensure the safety of everyone inside the property. Our technology can be customized to meet the needs of all religious facilities to streamline their emergency communication system.


Our technology has been designed keeping the specific needs and wants of hospitals in mind. We can customize products and provide emergency communication system and technology to ensure your hospital staff, workers, and visitors are guided to safety in an emergency.

Oil Refineries

Whether you’re running a business or an oil refinery, several things can present threats to your organization. We can talk about your specific needs, requirements, and budgets to offer the best solutions for your business's safety and security.

Malls and Retail Stores

Malls and retail stores are some of the most crowded areas in the US. In such places, it’s crucial to have an adequate security protocol in place with valuable and timely communication channels incorporated to assist those involved. Connect with our team now to discuss how the SimulAlert software can help.


Let Us Make Your World Safer and More Predictable

Minutes can be turned into hours of unfortunate events in an emergency, which is why every second counts in such circumstances. With our automated emergency alert system, you can accelerate the process of safety and recovery. If you want to learn more about our products and services, give us a call now! You can also send us a direct message through the link below:


From color-coded badges and wristbands to fully-developed dashboards and mobile software, our emergency communication system has taken all your needs into consideration before adopting the most effective and efficient system. You can reach Safety In Emergency for further queries about the SimulAlert system through any of the following:


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