SA-Mobile Dashboard: All the Essential Tools in the Palm of Your Hand

Similar to the SA-Dashboard, Our SA-Mobile Dashboard provides all the features your organization needs for optimal results during emergencies. From reaching your entire target audience to gathering sufficient data to taking action within minutes, the dashboard contains all the features you need to turn around an unfortunate situation. The software works seamlessly on all android and iOS devices, so those faced with an unfortunate situation can send a prompt emergency alert and increase everyone’s chances to stay safe. Give us a call now to learn more about this product, its features, and its functionality.


For On-the-Go Staff Members & Employees

Our SA-Mobile Dashboard has been designed keeping in mind on-the-go employees, personnel, and staff members. There are many situations where those stuck in an emergency are far away from the telephone, desktop computer, or an emergency button. However, they are more likely to have access to their mobile phones, so why not utilize their phones and incorporate relevant security system features to give them the confidence they need no matter where they are on the premises?

The dashboard provides a high-level view of the status and reaches the entire target audience within a few minutes. Additionally, it contains all dashboard features, such as response collection, to help evaluate the needs of any given circumstance. Request a demo now to learn how the software works.

We Guarantee the Best Results Possible

Safety in Emergency has worked day and night to create the perfect solution for immediate alerts and communication systems. We pride ourselves in being the only provider of SimulAlert technology. If you wish to partner with us and streamline your emergency communication processes, get in touch with our team, and we'll be happy to offer tailored products for your specific needs and wants. You can contact our team through any of the following for further information on the SA-Mobile Dashboard:


Let Us Make Your World Safer and More Predictable

Minutes can be turned into hours of unfortunate events in an emergency, which is why every second counts in such circumstances. With our automated emergency alert system, you can accelerate the process of safety and recovery. If you want to learn more about our products and services, give us a call now! You can also send us a direct message through the link below:


From color-coded badges and wristbands to fully-developed dashboards and mobile software, our communication model has taken all your needs into consideration before adopting the most effective and efficient system. You can reach Safety In Emergency for further queries about the SimulAlert system through any of the following:


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